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Meet Luc Dagognet, FABERNOVEL STORIES' founder

The Side Car is joining FABERNOVEL! Its 12 members' team will constitute a new business unit : FABERNOVEL STORIES. Meet with Luc Dagognet, the founder.

FABERNOVEL: Hi Side Car team, who are you?  

Hi! We’re a creative agency from Paris, we’re 3 years old and 12 people strong. We are Account Managers, Art Directors, Copywriters, Producers. We offer fantastic services such as communication strategy (positioning, content strategy, naming …), design (identity, experience, web design) or creative campaigns. When We initially focused on startup marketing - we worked with 80+ innovative businesses such as Waze, Txfy, Back Market, Privateaser or Foodchéri, now we also produce campaigns for bigger clients, Honest, Perrier, Deezer… What makes us special is our ability to build strong storylines, imagine cool creatives and produce formats at startup speed.

F: Why joining FABERNOVEL today?

The first reason is quite simple: we started working with FABERNOVEL DATA&MEDIA, then FABERNOVEL INNOVATE, and just loved everyone we met there! We also came to realize that our common value proposition really met prospects’ needs: by offering cross-business units services, we managed to interact with great clients like Deezer or Perrier. We couldn’t have done this alone. Last but not least, we’re here to learn. Getting closer to innovation and technology is what’s going to make us better. We want to be the creative agency built for the tech age. (And also … your offices are so much cooler than ours!).  

F: How are you going to work with FABERNOVEL from now onwards?

We’re still going to work for startups as well as big companies. We’re going to build strong offers with every business unit and pitch every client we’re ever dreamt of. We want to build crazy creatives, prototypes, services, we want to surprise our clients, their clients, everyone. Becoming more international and winning prestigious creative contests like Cannes Lions are clear objectives for 2019. I want our team at FABERNOVEL STORIES to be happy, to learn a lot, to take risks.


F: And the bonus question: where does your name come from?

Tricky question. The official version states we’re just like a side-car: fast, handy, always beside you. But this is not the real reason. I’ve always been fascinated by side-cars. Almost no-one has ever touched or even seen one, and everyone knows what it is and dreams of riding inside one: I just thought the object and the name were good. And if it makes people wonder, then mission accomplished.