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Meet our team in Toulouse - FABERNOVEL CODE

To learn more about the FABERNOVEL CODE team in Toulouse, we met Mathias GORENFLOT, Senior Agile Developer who joined us four years ago.


FABERNOVEL: Mathias, could you introduce your team?

Mathias: We are a team of four developers: Julien MESSION, Head of Innovation, and Bastien GATELLIER, Thomas GISCOS and myself who are Agile Web Developers. We are all fullstack developers, but each of us has his specialty: Bastian is a Symfony expert and backend architect, Thomas masters the front-end technologies and Symfony and I am a DevOps expert.


F: What is the atmosphere and the state of mind at FABERNOVEL CODE Toulouse?

M: There is an excellent atmosphere, with a lot of proximity, mutual help and sharing. We have 4 different but complementary personalities.


F: How do you work with the Parisian team?

M: We communicate a lot on Slack. We use different channels organised by technologies, squads, projects... We have also adopted ZOOM, a very useful and efficient video conference tool. We often come to Paris, about once a month for two or three days. Sometimes, some Parisians come to Toulouse to see us!


F: What are the advantages of living in Toulouse?

M: Toulouse is a good compromise between a large and a small town. It’s a very beautiful city, close to the mountain and the sea. I can enjoy my family life with a house and a garden, which is more difficult to do in Paris.


Thank you Mathias, we look forward to meeting all of you during the off site in Opio!